Do I Need a Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer?

traffic ticket defense Brewster, NYEvery day thousands of individuals in the United States receive traffic tickets ranging from driving on a suspended license, speeding, running through red lights, and seat belt violations.  These offenses occur regularly in New York as well. Being prepared and well represented is a necessity in order to reduce fines, keep your license, and minimize any impact on your employment.

Hiring a traffic ticket defense lawyer will ensure your rights are protected, the evidence is preserved, and you receive a fair outcome.


It is not every day a civilian navigates the New York municipal court system.  While traffic laws are not complicated, this does not mean the process is straight forward.  If an individual is charged with a violation of a traffic law, then it can likely overwhelm, stress and concern the individual about how this will affect his or her life.

The last thing an individual wants to be doing is researching traffic law and procedure.  In order to build a successful traffic ticket defense, hiring a traffic ticket defense lawyer is extremely beneficial to the individual. A traffic ticket defense lawyer will evaluate the case for its strengths and weaknesses.

The lawyer can advocate on the individual's behalf with all the knowledge and experience they possess.  If a client attempts to represent him or herself, they will be faced with cross-examining police officers, experts, and other potential department officials on their own.  This is something a traffic ticket defense attorney is trained in, not a civilian, and the individual should not expect that of him herself during this time.


Americans pay almost six million dollars every year on traffic tickets. It is inevitable that an individual will have to pay a fine when receiving a New York traffic ticket, but the amount can be negotiated.  A traffic ticket defense attorney will be able to use evidence and skill to help reduce the fine as much as possible.  This is even easier if the individual is a first or second-time offender.

There are plenty of times traffic tickets are wrongly administered. If the traffic ticket defense attorney is able to contest the traffic ticket and get it dismissed, the client's benefit is not only financially but with the client's driving record as well.


Evidence in your case can make or break it, having a professional traffic ticket defense team ensures that evidence is expertly collected and preserved.  Your traffic ticket defense attorney will not only know to request traffic cameras but will know the procedure in doing so.  Many individuals are not even aware that they can request traffic cameras or the process to go about obtaining them.

Your traffic ticket defense attorney knows how to work with New York government agencies that will allow for additional evidence collection, including maintenance and calibration of tools used by police officers in the field when the violation was committed.

There are so many benefits that your traffic ticket defense attorney can offer during this stressful time.  Knowing that you can trust the outcome of your case in the hands of a qualified professional helps alleviate a lot of time worrying and trying to take on your case yourself.  Rest assured you are in the right hands of experienced traffic ticket defense attorneys that will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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